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Teaching Program Bachelor

Our B.Sc. program focuses on characteristics idiosyncratic to ICT industries with a special emphasis on network effects and their consequences for market structure, firm strategies and performance as well as consumers and public policy.

Teaching Winter Term 2019/20

Knowledge of quantitative methods is becoming increasingly important in both academia and industry. Therefore, the seminar Quantitative Data Analytics (Hauptseminar) aims to provide students with knowledge and experience in quantitative data analysis. It gives an overview of different quantitative methods before students apply these methods hands-on to analyze datasets mainly from ICT or media industries.

The goal of the lecture Strategic Organization Design is to give the students an understanding of the theoretical concepts to answer questions of organizational design and the most important methodological instruments available for analyses including econometric and case-based research methods. It also applies theoretical concepts to real-world management questions.

Network industries are among the most dynamic and turbulent industries in today's economy. Releasing a constant stream of new products, attracting customers and providers of complementary goods to reach critical mass and fighting standards battles are just three examples of the unique challenges that managers in these industries face. The course How to Compete in Network Industries shows students how successful companies managed to stay ahead of competition and constantly improve their performance despite these challenges.

The goal of the seminar Strategic Industry Analysis is to apply game theoretic concepts and microeconomic models to formally explain optimal competition strategies. Game theory provides the abstract theory of strategic interaction, while basic microeconomic models serve as foundation for the logic underlying strategy. In this seminar students will apply this logic to a set of case studies.