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Teaching Program Winter 2018/2019

 Course Title  Program  Type  Teacher  SPW  ECTS
Ringvorlesung "BWL in Theorie und Praxis" Bachelor L 2 3
Wissenschaftstheorie Bachelor L Weller 2 3
Competition & Strategy Bachelor L Sundmacher 2 3
Strategic Organization Design Bachelor L/T Solinas; Sitruk 2/2 6
Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage: How to Compete in Network Industries Bachelor S/PS Melcher 4 6
Strategic Industry Analysis Bachelor S/PS Rothe 2 3
Data Analytics in Strategy Research Bachelor S Claussen; Batikas 4 6
Methods in Management Master L/T Bartsch; Claussen; Schwaiger;
Leidl; Elsas; Nasev
2/2 6
New Products: From Ideas To Markets Master S/PS Spann; Claussen;
Berger; Leidl
2/4 9
Empirics of Organizations Master/MBR S/PS Khashabi; Nicolle 2 6
Frontiers in Strategy Research Master/MBR S/PS Kretschmer; Kleine; Schulz
4 6
Project Course Strategy, Technology and Organization Master P KretschmerGlauberMickeler 8 12
Presentations and Reports MBR L Kretschmer; Leidl; Richter; Sellhorn 2 3
Scientific Publications MBR L GlaserKretschmer 2 3

L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, S: Seminar, PS: Proseminar, P: Project Cours

SPW = Semester hours per week