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Teaching Program Summer 2020

Course Title  Program  Type  Teacher  SPW  ECTS
Schlüsselqualifikationen: Start with Business Planning Bachelor L/T Hermida Carillo 2/2 6
Wissenschaftstheorie Bachelor L 2 3
Competition & Strategy Bachelor L Seitz 2 3
Management and Economics of Platforms Bachelor L/T Nicolle; Solinas; Holzemer 2/2 6
Technology and Strategy Bachelor L/T Khashabi; Loh; Böhmer-Horländer 2/2 6
AI and the Economy Bachelor S/PS Zēgners 2 3
Building Theory for Innovation & Strategy Research Bachelor S Khashabi; Mickeler 4 6
Project Course Strategy, Technology and Organization Master P Solinas; Mickeler 8 12
Data Crawling MBR S Peukert 2 3
Presentations and Reports MBR L 2 3
Scientific Publications MBR L 2 3
Prep-course on data science with DataCamp MBR L Solinas 4 6

L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, S: Seminar, PS: Proseminar, P: Project Cours

SPW = Semester hours per week

Please note: The lecture Competitive Strategy (formerly Strategy and Innovation) has been permanently moved to the winter term and will not be offered in Summer 2020. The seminar Organizations, Incentives and Employment will also not be offered in Summer 2020, but in Winter 2020/21.