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Teaching Program Bachelor

Our B.Sc. program focuses on characteristics idiosyncratic to ICT industries with a special emphasis on network effects and their consequences for market structure, firm strategies and performance as well as consumers and public policy.

Teaching Summer Term 2018

The lecture Management and Economics of Network Industries introduces students to industries with network effects and related phenomena such as platform competition, standards battles and technology diffusion. Many real-world examples from ICT industries are considered and students learn to apply basic game theoretic reasoning to analyze strategic interactions between firms.

In today's fast-changing economy, conventional wisdom in management claims that companies need to be innovative to survive and prosper. What has proven critical for successful companies is the design of their organizational structure. The goal of the one-week intensive lecture Organizing for Innovation is to offer a problem-driven introduction into the main challenges of the strategic organization of innovations.

The course Empirical Innovation Research provides an introduction to theory building in Innovation Strategy research with a particular emphasis on the topics of Strategic Human Capital. The purpose of this course amongst others is to prepare students to master the process of applied theory development on the basis of current Innovation Strategy literature.

The lecture Technology and Strategy introduces students into the strategic management of technological innovations. Hereby, different sources of innovations as well as possible innovation strategies of firms and their implementation will be discussed.