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Teaching Program Master

Our M.Sc. teaching program deepens the understanding of strategic and organizational questions. Hence, the focus shifts from specific industries such as ICTs to a theoretical perspective shedding light on current research in the fields of strategy, organization design and organizational behavior. We further want to give students guidance in how to develop high quality academic work that is both rigorous and relevant. The discussion of case studies in classes and our project courses enables students to apply the theoretical concepts to real world phenomena.

Teaching Summer Term

The lecture Strategy & Innovation (formerly Competitive Strategy) provides answers to the important question of how firms can achieve and sustain a competitive advantage, especially in turbulent environments. It links theoretical concepts to real-life examples emphasizing innovation and technology-intensive industries. While the lectures mainly focus on theoretical concepts, students work on exercises and case studies related to these concepts during the tutorials.

The MBR Core Course Presentations and Reports aims to familiarize students with the process of presenting results as presenting work in progress for critical appraisal is vital for later publication success. This course focuses on presentations of work in progress and on appraising papers in the form of reviews. It contributes to the students' understanding of the complex system of conducting research, publishing results and participating in the scientific community.

Teaching Winter Term

The seminar Empirics of Organizations introduces empirical research on organization science to students. It aims to provide them with insights on research on both organization design and organizational behavior. The course combines recent theories from organizational science with practical knowledge of empirical methods such as primary data collection, secondary data analysis, case study research or meta-analysis. The ultimate goal of the course is to draft a research proposal students can use for their Master theses.

The seminar Frontiers in Strategy Research is an introduction into "hot topics" in strategic management research. It looks at a wide range of topics such as how firms adapt their strategies and organizational structures in dynamic markets, or by which mechanisms new technologies spread between firms. At the end students draft their own research proposal that they can use for their master theses.

Finally, the project course Strategy, Technology and Organization gives students an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life project situations. Teams of two to three students work on projects with partner companies. The project topics focus mainly on strategic and organizational questions in high-technology industries.

Our Overview of the Teaching Programm Master

 Course title  Modul
 SPW   ECTS    Summer
Business Foundations
P1 L/T 2/2 6 (X) (X)
Subject-Specific Foundations
P2 S/PS 2/4 9 (X) (X) 
Specialization "Innovation"
WP4 Innovation V L/T 4 6 X  X
WP4 Innovation VIII S/PS 2 6 X
WP4 Innovation XII S/PS 4 6 X
Project Course "Strategy, Technology and Organization"
P3 P 8 12 X X X X
MBR Courses
A/I A/I L 2 3 X X X X
A/I A/I L 2 3 (X) (X) (X) (X)

Type = Course type (L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, S: Seminar, P: Project course)
SPW = Semester hours per week
tbc = to be confirmed

Courses marked with an (X) are offered (in main responsibilty) by another chair in the corresponding semester.