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Current Thesis Topics

As of: 03.05.2018

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Supervised topics for final theses

Michail Batikas(

My research interests cover the areas of diffusion of web technologies and (big) data analytics. I am interested in understanding how different web technologies are adopted across different industries, sectors and locations. On the other hand, one of my latest research streams is to understand how illegal activities take place over the internet (i.e. how anonymous marketplaces work, how large the ad networks of websites that facilitate piracy are, etc).

I supervise quantitative theses on these topics. In addition, I am open to supervising quantitative theses on platforms (peer to peer markets) or in general topics that take advantage of big data analytics techniques.

Johannes Loh (

My research deals with two distinct areas: First, I am interested in questions revolving around strategic human capital, such as the determinants of employee mobility. Second, I analyze behavior of firms and consumers in the digital economy. In both streams of research I employ econometric techniques and large datasets.

I preferably supervise quantitative theses on these topics, but I am generally open to other methodologies (e.g. literature-based), and related topics, such as platform economics and technology diffusion.

Mareike Seifried(

My research focuses on the design and mechanisms of online labor markets such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, Upwork, and Innocentive, which have emerged as platforms that facilitate the allocation of productive effort across global economies. I am interested in a variety of different topics in the context of paid crowd work, e.g. the effect of financial incentives on digital workers‘ performance, the role of different actors in these markets (e.g. agencies), or career paths of digital workers.

I supervise quantitative theses on these topics but I am also open for related topic suggestions.

Stephan Böhmer-Horländer (

I am interested in competitive strategy and strategic decision making. I have recently been doing research on competitive dynamics, specifically the drivers of firms’ reactions to attacks from their competitors. Furthermore, I am interested in a wide array of topics related to industrial organization.

I supervise quantitative theses on these topics and am open for related topic suggestions.

Maren Mickeler (

I am interested in corporate strategy in the face of digital disruption, especially – but not exclusively – in the media and entertainment sector. Relevant concepts include innovation, product differentiation and organizational structure. My current research focuses on the question how firms can foster innovative behavior by introducing intra-organizational knowledge-exchange platforms.

I supervise quantitative theses on these topics but I am also open for related topic suggestions.