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Corporate Productivity Growth: Champions, Leaders, and Laggards

Authors/Editors: Geroski, P.
Kretschmer, T.
Walters, C.
Published: 2009
Type: Articles in Refereed Journals (International)
ISBN/ISSN: 0095-2583
Published by: Economic Inquiry, 47(1), pp. 1-17


This paper examines the relative productivity growth performance of a sample of large UK firms between 1986 and 1995. We find that superior productivity growth, however measured, is not persistent-firms with high productivity growth rates relative to (say) the average in 1 yr are as likely as not to display below-average performance in the following year. Studying the determinants of the length of time for which firms outperform their peers, we find that innovative firms carrying low debt who are relatively free from financial distress are likely to display whatever persistently superior performance we observe in the data.