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Congratulations, Thorsten Grohsjean!

Thorsten Grohsjean joins Bocconi


Thorsten GrohsjeanWith one crying and one laughing eye we would like to congratulate Thorsten Grohsjean to his new tenure track position at the renowned Bocconi University in Milan.

Over a time frame of nearly ten years Thorsten greatly shaped ISTO. First as a PhD student and later as an assistant professor, with the exception of a brief stopover at the Imperial College London, Thorsten actively contributed to the development of the institute. During his stay at ISTO Thorsten received diverse awards for his outstanding research and teaching. With his research he contributed to scientific understanding on how individuals develop human and social capital. Additionally, firm-level research on organizational learning and decision making in the context of innovation benefited from his work. Thorsten published countless papers in renowned journals – most recently, two publications in the Academy of Management Journal. In his teaching, Thorsten was cherished by his students for his expertise and enthusiasm, dynamic and humorous style of teaching and an always open ear.

We are happy that Thorsten is now enriching researchers and students at Bocconi University as an assistant professor. Dear Thorsten, we wish you all the best for your new start and would like to thank you for your many years of dedication! We look forward to our further cooperation and seeing you in Munich or Milan.