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ORG Seminar with Georg Reischauer on how and with what effect incumbents coopete with tech giants such as Google


How and with what effect do incumbents coopete in the face of rivalry with tech giants such as Google and Apple?
At last week‘s ORG Seminar, Georg Reischauer (WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)) presented his work on this topic.

Tech giants such as Google and Apple constantly enter new industries and aim to substitute incumbent‘s platforms.
A great example is the automotive industry where Google and Appleintroduced Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to compete with the infotainment systems of incumbent car manfufacturers. This raises the question of the optimal response of the incumbents.

During his presentation, Georg described three moves through which incumbents coopete with entering tech giants and rival incumbents to respond to the threat.

Thank you for sharing your insights, Georg!

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