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News from the ISTO in the current issue of the faculty magazine

Munich School of Management Magazine 2013/14


Munich School of Management Magazine 2013/14The ISTO is again well represented in the current issue of our faculty magazine. Feel free to read all articles about us!

On page 16, we are introducing the new "Organizations Research Group". Pages 26-27 give a detailed account of our engagement in the production of Massive Open Online Courses, providing relevant "backstage" insights. Dainis Zegners' adventures at Telecom Paris Tech can be read about in an exclusive interview on page 76 and, last but not least, you can keep up to date with ISTO's research excellence on pages 91 and 92. Tobias Kretschmer has been called into the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal, and two papers, one by himself and another by the ISTO's assistant professor, Thorsten Grohsjean, received awards at the annual Academy of Management meeting.