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"The Economist" cites a recent paper of three LMU researchers

"Silicon sally: Growth through digitisation requires more than faster broadband connections"


"Do digital economies grow faster than analogue ones? Rich-country leaders seem to think so. G7 and European Union governments are committed to a variety of digital stimulus packages; Australia, the biggest spender, has promised broadband investment of $33.4 billion (or 3% of GDP) to connect 90% of homes at ultra-fast speeds. 'Digitisation' involves adopting technologies like wireless phones and internet access to generate, process and share information. It seems to make sense that replacing slow technologies with faster ones might speed up sluggish economies. But does the case for investment stack up?"


An article published in the current issue of "The Economist" reports about the relationship between digitization and economic growth. Amongst others, also the publication "Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth" by Nina Czernich, Oliver Falck, Tobias Kretschmer and Ludger Wößmann from a 2011 issue of "The Economic Journal" is cited.

The full article from "The Economist" is linked below!