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Tobias Kretschmer receives funds by the DFG

"Relevance of Interdependencies and Fit for Merger Success"


Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer receives funds by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for a project on the "Relevance of Interdependencies and Fit for Merger Success". The aim of the project is to identify how different kinds of "fit" between acquirer and acquired firm, i.e. the way in which they match on different dimensions, influence the success of mergers. Within the funding period of 24 months an answer to this question shall be found based on simulation models and a large-scale company survey.

The DFG is the central self-governing organization for science and research in Germany. Among its members are German research universities, non-university research institutions, scientific associations and the Academies of Science and the Humanities.

The chief task of the DFG is the financial support of research projects in the academic sector. Amongst others, also the promotion of young researchers and the fostering of international collaboration between scientists and academics at home and abroad are part of the foundations's statutory tasks.