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Research Internships

Since 2009, the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization offers national and international students the opportunity to engage in a three month-long internship program. The objective of the internship is to give participants insights into scientific research and prepare them for a possible career in academia. Interns may work on a broad selection of tasks including literature research, data collection, preparation and analysis and developing a research project with supervisors from the institute. 

In the past, young researches have worked on the following topics:

  • Understanding technological convergence and its impact in the network industries
  • Marketing activities of cultural organizations
  • How firms may improve their environmental performance
  • Disentangling the effects of brand awareness and network size on market demand in network industries
  • Software upgrading behavior of firms
  • Micro-level foundations of the video game industry
  • Labor mobility and software adoption at the firm-level
  • Identification of clusters of similar observations in network data

In order to promote the exchange between interns and researchers on different projects, regular meetings take place in which different groups present the status quo of their work and discuss results.

ISTO has had very positive experiences with interns. Our interns showed great dedication to their work and sometimes even worked on their projects on the weekend. In retrospective, the projects were an interesting and instructive experience for both sides. All of our former interns either proceeded (or planned) to start a Master’s degree. 3 out of 12 even chose to start a Ph.D. Due to our positive experiences, we are aim to repeat this project in the future.


"My experience at ISTO has been wonderful so far. Since my first day I felt like I was part of the team. All my colleagues have helped me with different issues. ISTO is a great institution with excellent people who are making my stay much easier than I expected. I am sure I will be able to use this opportunity to learn as much as possible."
(Pedro Mármol Pérez, summer intern 2016)

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