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Teaching Profile

Teaching at the ISTO focuses on strategic and organizational issues with a special emphasis on information and communication technology (ICT) industries.

We provide our students with answers to questions such as: Why do firms employ certain strategies? What are the consequences of strategic interactions for firm performance, consumers and public policy?
We also incorporate organizational aspects like the design of innovative companies or organizational behavior.

Many practical applications in our courses are on ICT industries such as mobile telephony, computer hard and software or video gaming. These markets have increasingly gained importance during the last decades. Their special characteristics, in particular network effects, can significantly affect the behavior of consumers and firms, often leading to specific market structures. The highly dynamic development of these industries and the rapidly expanding amount of available data make them a fertile testing ground for general questions of firm strategy and organization.

Our goal is to give students a strong theoretical basis and provide them with important methodological tools such as quantitative and qualitative methods as well as basic game theory. We apply theoretical concepts to real world management problems by discussing case studies in several of our courses.

Your Profile

You will get most out of our courses if you are interested in:

  • strategic management and organizational issues.
  • ICT and media industries.
  • acquiring a broad and deep methodological knowledge.

For further information on teaching at the ISTO, please visit our teaching program pages for Bachelor and Master students.